November 21st, 2011

Austen girls

Dear Yuletide Author


So firstly and most importantly: I'm going to have doubtful internet on Christmas Day, and none at all for the week after that, so chances are better than even that I won't get onto Yuletide until the new year. If you don't get a comment at first, it doesn't mean I didn't love your fic ♥ I just haven't got a chance to read it yet.

Secondly: I'm super-excited for all of the fandoms and characters I've requested, and I really hope there's something you're excited to write. If you have an idea that you want to write, and it fits none of my notes in any way, please feel free to go for it! I'd rather a good story to something that feels forced to you.

But if you're here, probably you're at least looking for some idea of what I'm into? So here goes.

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