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Harry Potter Fic Recs - C'est what? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Harry Potter Fic Recs [Jan. 3rd, 2005|02:10 am]
c'est what
This list was updated on 19 August 2008. It may or may not ever be updated again, but in the meantime, new recs can be found here, at my Delicious account.

1) Almost all the fics are slash, but there are also a couple of genfics, and a tiny amount of het and femmeslash.
2) I will list ratings only for R and NC-17 fics.
3) New fics are marked **New**. Mended links are marked **Link mended**.
4) Name order in pairings is systematic, but has followed different systems at different times. Treat it as random.


Back to the Master Rec List.


'It's All About Subterfuge'

Harry/Draco. Oh, the trampled daisy, so good. Draco and Harry form an uneasy alliance to boywatch.


Pink and the sequel Teacher's Pet.

Harry/Snape. Flamingo fic! Whole bunch of fun. And the Harry/Snape dynamic is weirdly convincing. But mostly fun. Also flamingo, did I mention?


'Kissing Harry Potter'

Harry/Draco. Just kind of yay. Rather an over-use of Significant Capitals, but this is adorable. Draco has a very simple plan he needs Potter to go along with.

     He felt bereft of Draco's lips, and of his eyes, and of the way he gasped when Harry touched him in an unexpected way, and of the way his throat was taut and flushed and so kissable as he leaned into Harry, and - good *god*, thought Harry, I was really enjoying that, wasn't I?


Harry/Draco. This is actually a reworking of the premise of Aja's 'Strip/TEASE!', but I prefer the new fic. I have a weakness for Pensieve fics, and... with the sun coming out on cue, so cool :p Also, no scene involving a tea cosy should be this sexy. Slytherin beats Gryffindor at Quidditch, and Draco reminds Harry of an unfortunate boast. (R)

     "Scone?" said Draco weakly, as if what he was saying and what he was thinking were entirely different.

'The Day After the War'

Ficlet. Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Makes me smile every time I read it. Somehow Draco missed the news that the war finished yesterday.

A. J. Hall

♥ The Lust Over Pendle-verse (Draco/Neville, Post-Hogwarts).

Lust Over Pendle

Novel. Oh my god LOVE.

The slash is only a tiny part of it - and it barely goes beyond PG-rating - but Neville and Draco are so nice together. And the writing is of awesomeness. Neville and Draco are unexpectedly outed by the Daily Prophet.

     "Oh, I wouldn't say she was really pissed off with you. After all, you've got so much ‘Not being Pansy Parkinson’ on the credit side of your ledger that it'll outweigh a practically infinite amount of ‘male’ on the debit side."

Dissipation and Despair

Novel. The sequel to LOP. Still lovely. Hall uses huge stacks of original characters, which is generally OK but in this one goes a bit far - I had trouble keeping track of who all the members of the writing class were. But the Neville/Draco interactions continue to be marvellous.

'Not a Whisper'

Set a couple of years before LOP. This is the Draco-and-Neville-get-together fic, and yay. (R)

'The Perilous Point'

Novella, set a few years after Dissipation.

The Anarchic Gymkhana! Such a good passage. This one brings in Harry in a rather more positive way, too - and Ginny! I actually like Ginny in this fic, what are the odds? Hermione's getting married. All her friends are coming...

     Draco took a long hard look at the scene, and exhaled slowly. "Well, don't ask me," he said. "I mean, whatever you might suppose, just because you've acquired a demonic infestation of some sort doesn't mean I'm on first-name terms with it."

'The Kindly Ones'

Novella. Set after TPP. Draco and Neville on holidays in the Greek Islands. Things happen. (Penguin are desperate to sign me on to write their blurbs...)

Alisa Morgan


Drabble. Seamus/Dean. Love for this. Really. Dean the vengeful puppy. Seamus doesn't know what he wants.

     Dean looks like a puppy, all sweet and warm and *temporary*.


Animagus in One Week

Sirius/Remus/Harry, Severus/Lucius, implied Voldemort/various. Plus Nagini gets a look in. This is very very black humour. Funny and hot and not even close to angsty or tragic; just completely amoral. Did I mention the black humour? Because seriously. I hesitated to rec this for ages; but it is cool. In a slave!ficcy sort of way. Harry is captured by Voldemort. (NC-17)


'Forbidden Fruit'

Snape/Harry/Draco. Ficlet. Mm. I love smut in this pairing. Which is obviously not a pairing at all, but... mmm. Damn, Anise is good at this. Draco has a bowl of cherries. (NC-17)

'In the End'

Harry/Remus. Post-Hogwarts. Anise has a very sure hand in quite gorgeous smut, but I wish that she wrote plottier fics more often. Because this is lovely. Harry has unrequited angst and Sirius tests his godfathering skills. (NC-17)


'Breakfast in Bed'

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Light on plot, but mm, nice. Featuring an adorably prickly and insecure Draco. Anniversaries can be a very good thing indeed. (NC-17)

Anna Fugazzi


Draco/Harry. Novel. This has an oddly distanced feel to it - Anna says that she's been told her fics feel as though they take place in a white box, since she finds description boring to both write and read, so that may be why. It's a skillfully paced novel, however, and an entirely non-fluffy love story. Harry-and-Draco-are-magically-bonded isn't particularly new - but hey, I write genre fiction, I like familiar conventions. And Fugazzi handles this one well. Fairly true to canon. And a marvelous Pansy. (R)

     "Oh my goodness, Draco," she said, staring at the picture. "I must say, if you ever kissed me like that, I might be tempted to risk being disowned too." She paused. "Either one of you, as a matter of fact. Good heavens."


'Snapping Turtle Love'

Draco/Harry. Wizarding love is a parasite.

     Pansy swore she hadn't slipped him a love potion, which he knew, but nothing lifted his spirits like hexing Pansy. Except, this time, Draco didn't feel much better, because Pansy had green hair and whiskers and he still had the urge to tie Potter's shoes for him.


**Link mended** 'If You Want'

Draco/Ron. This is HOT. And witty. And cool. If I were to mount a defense of the R/D ship, 'If You Want' would be my showpiece. It's the sequel to 'A Taste of Honey', which is Seamus/everybody with Draco/Ron undertones, but it doesn't really need the backstory. (R)


Corridors of Power

Novel. Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. Subtitle: Being An Originally Intermittent Account of the Political (Mis)Adventures of the Viscount Northallerton, Lord Malfoy of Wimbledon; and the Rt. Honourable Harry J. Potter, Member of Parliament for North Southwark and Bermondsey (Liberal Democrat).

I can't even express how wonderful this is. It's a fandom classic, but I assumed, from the title and the way people talked about it, that it was a non-magical AU, so avoided it. It's not. Both Harry and Draco turn to Muggle politics for reasons which I'm sure were very good, but can't currently recall, because my entire memory of this fic is swallowed up in the language and the characterisation and the UST and the fantasticness of the traditions of parliament and the architecture and the strange magical effects under the Houses of Parliament and I just want to live inside it.

It was originally written simply with the first ten chapters. Reading it in that form must have been, to be honest, the most frustrating experience in the world. Because the pairing isn't resolved. There's a hint that it will be, but only a hint. You can get away with that if there's another overarching plot and you've resolved that, but if this fic had a plot other than the romance then it was too subtle and I missed it. Luckily, a year later - and just in time for me to read it - the author wrote an epilogue. Which is perfect. (NC-17, but only in the epilogue)

**Link updated** Currency (co-written with Circe)

Harry/Draco. Novella. This story meanders and takes its time and doesn't quite get anywhere in particular, but the journey is so good you're okay with it. Mature, witty, smooth writing of a kind you don't often get in fanfic, when people rush to post as soon as they've finished. Harry Potter is a merchant banker; Draco's the still-obnoxious wandmaker who may be able to help him with his severely wonky magic. (NC-17)

'Draco, Merrily on High'

Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. Draco, who's conducting a children's choir, falls into Christmas in the Potter-Lupin-Tonks household. This fic is basically just a Christmas night, light on plot but swimming in charm. It makes me want Christmas. Well, and Draco. Or maybe Remus.

'For the Birds', 'Acropolis' and 'Enfants'

Harry/Draco. Sort of. Mostly about owls, actually. Each story is very small, and beyond lovely.



Gen. This is my favourite kind of AU; one that mixes up all the canon relationships and reorders everybody in new and startling constellations. As well as being brilliantly funny. Fred and George prank the Sorting Hat.

There are also a fair few sequels. I think the joke is wearing thinner for them, but they're still fun.


'Preparation' (Alternate link)

Draco/Harry. In which the boys are being adorable. There's a certain hesitancy to some of the language use which indicates the author might be a new-ish writer, and the stubborn avoidance of contractions jolts a little, but this is honestly so nice you don't care. Harry has a question, and he doesn't know anybody besides Draco he could ask it of. Draco decides that the best way to explain... is to talk him through it. Incidentally, this came up no.1 over at Emma Grant's Smutfic Survey. (NC-17)

There's also a sequel, 'Blush'. I don't think it's as good as 'Preparation', but there's this one line, and it's worth reading just for that. You'll know which one. (NC-17)


'Keeping Count'

Draco/Harry. Gentle fun, dialogue-focused. Pretty much delightful. Harry's keeping count.

     "How..." Harry's nose touched his. "Nice?"
     "Quite nice." Draco choked out. "Yes, quite nice I should think."

Eloise Lovelace

'Plein Air For Two'

Percy/Oliver. Post-Hogwarts. I've been reading a bit of Percy/Oliver lately, in large part thanks to this author's rec list - and also, of course, because of the OotP righteous teethgrinding on Percy's behalf. I've found a lot of the time the pairing leaves me cold, but when it hits a particular dynamic between the two of them, or maybe a particular kind of characterisation for Percy, I completely melt. This is the best example of the ship I've stumbled across. If you're hesitant about the pairing, maybe I can tempt you with the fact that it also features portraitsex of the Sirius/Remus variety...? Percy is, while the minister's on maternity leave, the most powerful man in Great Britain. If only he could use his own office. (R)

'Probability' (Alternate link)

Percy/Oliver, Ginny/Pansy. Ficlet. The maths geek inside me got together with the lit geek inside me and had a private cartwheel moment when I read this fic. Just... *grin*. Lots of grin.

Emma Grant

'Get a Clue' (Alternate link)

Cedric/Harry. *Hums gleefully.* I don't know why I like Cedric fics - it's not as though it's a very hopeful setup - but for some reason I do. This seems to have been inspired by the two movie moments: Sexual tension on the bridge, oh my!, and Wah, the cuteness of Malfoy sitting in that tree. Cedric gives Harry a clue about the Second Task.

faire weather

'Men Who Had Mothers' (Alternate link)

Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. This is another one that, given the setup, I'm surprised to be rec'ing. What could be a little creepy feels sad and ordinary and wonderful, and original in a fandom where you could swear everything had been done already. On Sundays, Draco wears his mother's wedding dress beneath his robes. (NC-17)

'Warfare Tactics: Clause 6.5' (Alternate linke)

Harry/Draco. There are tears of laughter, seriously. My love for this fic is great. Harry is cleverer than people give him credit for.

     “Granger,” Malfoy growled, striding forward and leaving a little wet trail behind him, “where’s the other two-thirds?”
     One-third of the other two-thirds was currently drooling over the way Malfoy’s robes clung fetchingly to his body. The other one-third was digging through the duffle bag and cocking his weapon—preparing to ambush if Hermione turned out to be a mole.


'Water Shadows'; accompanying art by Puppet.

Snape/Draco. Draco and Snape hiding out after the events of sixth year. Draco seriously wants a bath. This is part mood-piece, and part character-driven smut. But it leaves the characters in a different place to the one they open in, so in that sense it's also plot. Basically, it's a perfect picture of this pairing. I don't love the dynamic all the time, but it's perfect for them. Draco is sulky and immature but also sensually sexy; Snape's a bastard but a fascinating one. The art, too, with its odd greenish tones, is oddly perfect for them. (NC-17)


'But I Have a Penis'

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Mpreg. (C'mon, this is mpreg and I'm rec'ing it anyway. You know you want to at least look at it.) Mpreg is, seriously, one of my worst squicks, and I clicked on this link by mistake. So the fact that I liked it is a strong testament to the quality. Funny but not crack. Nobody warned Harry about the thing with the parseltongue. (NC-17)


Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Total crack from the Androgyny comm. But it made me grin like crazy and I didn't forget it, so I thought I'd rec.


Love Like a Razorblade by furiosity

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Novella. Harry is sent to Durmstrang to do a little covert investigating, and finds a distractingly attractive Draco Malfoy working there as the Dark Arts teacher. He wanted a one night stand, but things get intense really quickly ... (NC-17)

This is the first furiosity fic I've loved. Previously, I've found her work technically skillful, but somehow speaking a different language to my own.

I can't even describe how much I love this fic. It's complicated and powerful, occasionally funny, hot, ambivalently tragic and quite fantastic. It's a mindfuck in absolutely the best way possible, and it hits narrative kinks I hadn't noticed I had. Draco here is my dream psychopath, and I didn't know that I had one of those either. The only part I didn't like (other than a bit of the dark arts theory) was the epilogue, which is set maybe one year later.

George Pushdragon

A Tale of Horns

Harry/Draco, plus a Charlie-is-sex-on-legs cameo. This is an amazing PWP. It's nine thousand words of smut, and it never drags, never stops being fascinating, never stops making you grin, never stops being hot. Draco and the shooting of a Quidditch calendar. (NC-17)

'Draco Under Glass'

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Unexpectedly running into him, Harry discovers the striking change that a pair of glasses make to Draco's face. The whole fic is good, but what makes it is the very beautiful initial description of Draco from across the room.

It is Malfoy, unmistakably, but he is remade by the oval frames. They smooth out the sharpness of his cheekbones. They leave on him an incongruous air of vulnerability.


'A Soft Spot For Lost Causes'

Ron/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Almost amazed that I liked this one, given the Death Eater sexslave backstory; not my favourite scenario. But it was quite beautiful. And, without feeling like a cop-out, not nearly as angstful as you might think. Ron takes Draco in with him. (NC-17)


'Best Birthday Ever'

Draco/Harry. This is just fun. Er, and apparently I also have something of a schoolgirl kink. Crossdressing and roleplaying. (NC-17)

Draco Malfoy and the Contemplation of Harry Potter’s Exceptionally Nice Rear

Drabble. Draco/Harry. Lots of grin.

Ivy Blossom

'Cure For the Flu'

Harry/Draco. I didn't read this for ages because the lack-of-proofreading on the only other Ivy Blossom fics I'd read was so daunting. But this doesn't have that problem - or not to any distracting degree - and god it's so much fun. Accidental telepathy, the juvenility of Draco's thought processes, and the porn film Harry apparently has running through his subconscious. (R)

Janice Chess

Welcome to the Broom Closet

Novella. Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. There's an advertisement in the Prophet that nobody but Harry can see: IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU ARE QUEER. This is a marvellous premise, and I very much enjoy the way the author manages to develop the pairing even though repeated amnesia (the Broom Closet protects its visitors by ensuring they forget everybody they saw there) should make development impossible. (NC-17)


'An Obscene Obsession'

So... porn. Yay. This fic is uneven, but when it's good it's good. Draco/Harry. Draco has an unfortunate fixation. (NC-17)

Julad and Calico


Harry/Draco. Novella. Wow. I always wanted a snake. I now know that I wanted Pomegranite. This story is odd in that it seems to assume all this backstory which it only hints at. And it took me some time to work out the dynamics on the ring magic. But this is wonderful. I love. So much. The characterisation for Draco is amazing, this is just really powerful. Draco receives a gift for his coming of age. (R)

     Draco puts out his hand, fingers curled, and Pomegranate hinges off the ground and pushes her head into the tunnel of his loose fist, nosing her way with confident determination. She’s so incredibly *beautiful*, Draco thinks helplessly, lifting his sudden handful of snake and letting her flow from wrist to wrist, loving the way the gloom becomes gilt-edged when its dust flanks her skin.


'Mirror, Mirror' (If you have an LJ, you can view it here without the white-on-black text)

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. A nice bit of smut, with some story round the edges. It's an odd style. Not deliberately obscure or literary, but the incredible wordiness and long sentences tend to make you lose track of what's actually happening... the smut is in the language, rather than the action. A two-way mirror and a first time. (NC-17)


'Life Is...'

Drabble. Not worth spoiling the pairing. Made me grin like anything. Plans can go awry.


'Dreams and Coconut Crème Caramel'

Harry/Severus. Lychee's fics are translated from the original French by RaeWhit. You can see the effects of the translation occasionally - use of "Name of God" as an interjection, that kind of thing. But in general it's flawless.

This isn't my favourite Lychee fic, but it's kind of gorgeous. Smut and some romance. Harry's drunk, and Severus is probably a dream. (NC-17)

'Everybody Wants to Be a Cat'

Novella. Severus/Harry. This is absolutely gorgeous and convincing. Which I don't usually find Snape/Harry. I don't feel as though I'm doing this justice, but... I guess I can say that Lychee writes the best Snape/Harry I've read. Harry has a plan for revenge. Involving a cat. Uh, this is pet!Harry of a different sort to the one below.

And there's apparently a WIP continuation which will be translated once it's posted, which is Draco/Ron. I've been straying from D/R lately, but with this setup... Mm, yes. Shall be keeping an eagle eye on updates. (R)

     1. Snape petted you while you were in the form of a cat. (Important to clarify.)
     2. You liked it, just as any cat would. (ditto)
     3. Problem. You are not a cat.

'Little Voice-Little Voice' (Requires registration to read)

Harry/Ron. Absolutely completely delightful. Harry and Ron, crashed in bed, drunk out of their minds. Harry is comprehensively losing an argument with the voice in his head. (R)

'Pretty Little Drawings'

Novella. Severus/Harry. What really strikes me about this one - other than the generalised 'Lychee, you goddess, you make me like Snape/Harry' - is how equal the dynamic feels. Without making Harry hopelessly mature or out-of-character. I don't know quite how it works. Harry accidentally includes a couple of dirty drawings in a Potions essay. (R)

Lydia Bennet


Harry/Draco. Post-HBP, see the pretty horcruxes! (Horcruces?) No, honestly, go and read this. It made my day. The author has abandoned the fandom, which is really tragic, because this is gold: funny and skillful and sexy and occasionally wrenching, with, you know, character depth. Draco is waiting in Hogsmeade.

And absinthe in flames is definitely is definitely the best descriptor for green eyes this fandom's given me. (NC-17)

     What Hogsmeade needed, Draco decided, was a brothel. Or if not a brothel, an opium den or a betting parlour. How was it possible for intelligent adults to survive without some honest urban blight?

Mad Maudlin

'Strange Bedfellows: A Comedy of Assumptions' (Alternate link)

Ron/Draco. Novella. Totally charming. Hermione and Harry put two and two together and come up with a conspiracy. Lots of wand jokes. (OK, so I'm juvenile.) (R)

     "I don’t know what you think goes on in our dormitory, but I don't go around examining everyone else’s wands. That's weird."

Maeglin Yedi

'One Night at the Ministry'

Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. With the lake and the glue and the... oh god, *grin*. This fic starts off quite normally, and then spirals further out with each section. Harry decides to get drunk. (NC-17)



Ron, Harry/Draco. Novelette. Ron has a plan. Because Ron is a Tactical Mastermind. *Loves Ron.*

'Make Your Penis Huge!'

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Inspired by spam emails; silly, but not quite as silly as the title suggests. Harry and Draco are paired to deal with illegal potions sales. (R)

'Silver Linings'

Harry/Draco. Ficlet. Another one which is just fun. I defy you to read it and not snicker. Harry doesn't want to die a virgin.

'The Obligatory "Draco is a Veela" Story that Every HP Fanfiction Author has to Write'

Harry/Draco. I stumbled on this one after reading a string of really bad Veela fics, and I almost cried with relief. Funny and adorable, and I love love love oblivious!Draco. Draco has one week to attempt to transfer his Veela mate bond to somebody bearable.

'The Trouble With Polyjuice'

Hary/Goyle, Harry/Draco, Harry/Goyle/Draco/Crabbe. Novelette. Post-HBP. Eeee! Not a combination I would ever, ever imagine. I swear. But so funny. Harry sees a girl in an alley and he could swear it's Goyle.

'Wooing Harry Potter'

Harry/Severus, Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts, post-war. Parody-ish, and just... OK, it's making me giggle while I try to think what to write. Snape and Malfoy both have a chance out of Azkaban, if they can convince Harry to choose them.

     "I have no gag reflex," Snape announced during dinner.
     Harry discovered, as he almost choked on his food, that his own gag reflex was working quite well.

Margaret Rose

'High Standards'

Draco/Harry. Beat Harry Potter in a duel, and win a date with Draco Malfoy... Whee, this fic is so much fun.


'Greatness Thrusts (Or What You Will)'

Novella. Harry/Neville, Harry/Draco, Draco/Neville... etc. Post-Hogwarts. This is the second Twelfth Night spoof I've read in the Harry Potter fandom. I'm not sure why; I suppose the gender bending works nicely with slash, but it's not as though Shakespeare didn't completely get off on cross-dressing in a whole stack of different plays. Either way, I fell in love with this one. I felt that it ran out of steam for the last quarter - but then so does the play, really. And Luna is Sebastian :D No attempt at an actual Shakespearian setting, which I'm grateful for; it's a Quidditch-and-Aurors world.

'Having Your Cake'

Neville/Harry, ?/Harry. Ficlet. This just makes me snicker :-) Harry and Neville have a secret rendezvous.

'The Charms That Boys Know' (Alternate link)

Ficlet. Neville being adorable, all by himself. (R)

'The Headmaster Ritual'

Harry/Draco. Roleplaying in the headmaster's office. Generally roleplaying fics irritate me, because the revelation tends to be tacked on to the end, and it always feels like the writer losing their nerve. Something like the 'And then I woke up' clause. With this one, the game is necessarily obvious from the beginning, and it just makes the whole thing more fun. (NC-17)

'The Tutoring Session'

Bill/Harry/Draco. Just... guh. Androgenous goth threesome. Um. Yes. And I'm in a very good mood, because somehow I only found Marks' homepage just this afternoon. (NC-17)

'Treatise on the Effects of Time Travel and Alcohol on the Straight of Teenage Boys'

Sirius/Remus. Marauders-era. Tel me you don't want to read this just because of the title. I do like drunkfics. This doesn't hang together as an integrated story as well as it might - there isn't a very clear sense of everything being changed because of that drunken night, it feels a little random. But it's delightful fic.

     There was a long pause. "Yes, well. Off we go. That's right -- we can only take steps with one leg at a time."


'Chains' and 'Chained'

Harry/Draco. OMFG I want to die and be reborn as Maya. My hero worship is at seriously embarassing levels.

These two are gorgeous and funny, with mild smut; the second is the better one.

     "Okay," Draco said. "Sex. Now."
     Harry blinked. "I... um... What?"

♥ 'Coda to an Epilogue: Twenty Years Later, or The Kids Are Alright': Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Epilogue-era. Gen-ish. Harry gets Al's first letter home, which consists almost entirely of the unbelievably cool boy he met on the train, who's called Scorpius. If anybody hasn't read this, they'd better have a damn good reason. There is nothing else in the world that could make that epilogue right for me. The characterisation for the boys blew me away. Also, there are giant alligators in the sewers of Durmstrang.

You need to check out lillithium's fanart of Score and Al while you're at it. It's more perfect than you could imagine.

'Dancing Queen'

Draco/Harry. The first Maya fic I read, and the fic that made me fall for H/D. I honestly hadn't seen the attraction, before this point, even with the way the entire fandom is flooded with it.

Despite the image of Dudley in leather which some part of me is still whimpering about, this is simply gorgeous. Dudley drags Harry to a Muggle gay bar.

     There, leaning suddenly against Blaise's shoulder, was Draco Malfoy, pristine blond hair a rumpled mess, eyes shining oddly, wearing skintight white jeans and a silver, clinging shirt which was still riding high on his stomach, showing an awful lot of pale flesh and the remnants of silver glitter.

'Draco Malfoy, Ruler of the Universe'

Gen. Having decided to start rec'ing gen, I had to come back to this one. Draco discovers that he's the Chosen One of the prophesy. He has definite ideas about what the role entails.

     "Your given name," Granger supplied helpfully.
     “I didn’t give it to you!” Draco exclaimed in outrage. "Or you, and I definitely didn’t give it to Weasley, and – stop smiling at me! All of you! Right now!"

'Drop Dead Gorgeous'

Harry/Draco. WIP. Novella or Novel. Post-Hogwarts. Veela!Harry. I have a new veela fic to rec, my heart is full of happiness. I completely adore the veela premise, but it only works as humor, and far too many people take it seriously. Of those who don't, almost nobody actually does it well. So, love for Maya. Beyond that, this may actually be my favourite fic of all time. There's alo a companion story from Draco's POV, 'The Way We Get By', which you can find at the same link. (R)

If You've a Ready Mind

Harry/Draco. Novel, AU of the first six books. I know I go on about Maya fics, but... Guh. I'm fairly sure this is my favourite work of fanfiction anywhere, and definitely makes it into my top twenty favourite novels of any genre. Brilliant and funny and adorable. Draco is Sorted into Ravenclaw. Some things are different, but some things were always going to be the same.

     Possibly one of the reasons Potter was so unbelievably arrogant was that he had some sort of trick that made the rest of the world fall away into unimportance, even the immanent threat to Draco's life posed by the Sociopath Twins, in comparison with the desire to hit Potter very, very hard.

Quality of Mercy

WIP Novel. Pairing unknown. I'm holding my breath for Harry/Draco, but I almost don't care. This is Book 7 as I wish, so much, it could really be. With pensieve scenes! Harry makes a promise to Narcissa Malfoy. (R)

     "Oh good, Hermione, we're going to talk about Malfoy," Ron said. "I know I've missed talking about Malfoy since yesterday."

Underwater Light (As far as I know, this is available only at Fiction Alley, where several of the chapters unfortunately suffer from the malady of having all their curly quotes turned into question marks; which is difficult to read.)

Harry/Draco. Novel. I treasure this, because while it's gorgeous and sweet and wrenching and funny, it's not at all as good as the later QoM or IYaRM, which means she's getting better. *Eyes shine with missionary light.* Harry discovers, when the Triwizard Tournament is reheld in his seventh year, that Draco Malfoy may be more important to him than he'd previously thought.

She never does the romance convention of "And this is what this action meant" revelatory scene at the end; It was all because I was desperately jealous of Frank Churchill, etc. Which means that you kind of have to puzzle out what Draco's hangups are for yourself. I've spent quite a lot of time lying awake trying to work out exactly what was going on in his head at various points in the narrative.


'One Winter Afternoon in Greenhouse Three' and the sequel 'A Thinking, Smiling Slytherin'

Draco/Neville. Kind of delicious, and also fun. Neville doesn't like pranks. Which is as good a reason as any. (R)


'A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished'

Harry/Draco. The author's summary goes: Um... dracoisaveelaandHarryishismate. Shut up.

Really funny. Definitely the best veela fic I've read. (NC-17)

     Harry unwound his arms from Draco’s waist and stopped licking the back of his neck, abashed.

**Link mended** Four Horsemen

Harry/Draco. The Apocalypse is coming. There's no other explanation for Harry being attracted to Malfoy. This is an early Mirabella fic. It's not her greatest work ever, but it's gorgeous and funny. It's archived on her fic community only temporarily, so go read it quickly. (You'll need to join the community to read.)

     "I've seen all of him I want to," Harry says mulishly, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "You can't expect me to go around bloody ogling him. There's a whole school full of people better worth looking at, I don't know why anyone would fancy the Ice Prince of Slytherin ... House ..."
     Lavender and Parvati look strangely as if they had suddenly realized that the Christmas present that looked like socks might actually be a pony.

'Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition'

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Novella. My first vampire fic. My mother would be so proud.

So, OK, I've never actually seen the charm of vampires. I didn't even finish watching Interview With because it was squicking me. But... hee, I do love Mirabella's creature features. She doesn't actually follow through on the plot explication on this one, which feels a bit odd - we get a vague Luna reference to vampire mating rituals and Veelas, and we're left to infer if we want. But it doesn't matter, because who knew Vampire!Harry could be funny and sweet and hot? (R)

     Something inside him rebelled against that order in no uncertain terms, and kept clamoring about the utter universe-twisting wrongness of Not Biting Draco all the way home.

'Kailash, When it Rises'

Harry/Draco. This is a really powerful little fic; my favourite purely serious fic in the fandom, I think. It's so real that it feels familiar; as though I can recognise what Harry's going through, as though I've gone through something like this myself. Harry's waiting alone at Grimmauld Place, counting through the hours of Draco's Death Eater initiation as a spy. It's no one's job to tell him when it's over.

'Negotiations And'

Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. The only time I've seen this kind of setup really work, incidentally. This is sexy and kind of sweet and definitely a fun fantasy. Harry decides to take advantage of an awkward situation. (Note that you need to join the community to read.) (NC-17)

     Hermione had apparently been out of the Muggle world too long, because the boots, tight jeans, tighter t-shirt, and prohibitively expensive button-down she'd shoehorned him into were apparently, though he didn't see how, some sort of secret Monaco code for "rent boy." He'd had to resort to a discreet memory charm to keep the doormen from throwing him out on his apparently-negotiable arse.


Communicational Challenges

Ficlet-ish. Prince of Tennis cross-over. Harry/Draco, Momo/Kaidoh. My knowledge of Prince of Tennis canon is restricted to having read half of the second volume in Borders the other day. I think I know which one Kaidoh is, but there was no Momo interaction. Doesn't matter, though, because this is, seriously, such a fun premise. Turns out Kaidoh's hisses are actually Parseltongue.



Ron/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. I don't generally rec drabbles, because it hardly seems worth it. But... just yay for this one. Draco discovers humus.

'Just Following Orders'

Remus/Neville/Harry. Unadulterated porn. My god this is hot. Neville and Harry blame each other for the Department of Mysteries. Remus is fed up and wants to bite someone. (NC-17)

'Lust Potion'

James/Sirius/Remus. Marauder-era. Glitter!fic. Yay :-) James is sure this is the way to win Lily.

'So You Want to Transfigure Yourself a Rock Band'

Sirius/Remus. Novella, the centrepiece of Mousapelli's Glitter-verse. Marauder era. I've said in the past that I couldn't read this pairing, because it breaks my heart, but... Sirius forms a glam rockband. There's glitter and eyeliner and electric guitars and boylove. *Cries with happiness.* (R)

     *I'm a sex god*, Remus thought gloomily as he scrutinized himself in the mirror.

'The Oldest Joke in the World'

Draco/Harry. Ficlet. The joke is pretty much as well-worn as the title suggests, but this. This is hot. (R)

'Two Decades and Still Debauching'

Neville/Harry. Set in the Glitter-verse. Harry and Neville discover a box of Sirius' stuff. (R)

     "Nev," he said, "are you trying to tell me you have a thing for boys in eyeliner?"
     "Are you trying to tell me you don't?"

'Werewolves Mate For Life'

Sirius/Remus. Marauder-era. There's no glitter, but this feels like 'So You Want to Transfigure Yourself a Rock Band' Lite. Sirius has decided it's Remus' turn. (NC-17)


Harry Potter and the Really Round-About Way of Finding a Horcrux

Novella. Harry/Percy. So very good; Harry is so Harry in his approach to things, in his complete lack of forethought and sense of entitlement while breaking into other people's flats, but also in his goodnaturedness. Plus the letters are fun. Harry is roped into playing middleman for the Weasley family and their prodigal. (R)


'As in a Dream'

Severus/Draco. I've never seen this pairing work - as a pairing - anywhere else. Usually the dynamic is just too screwed up between them already, and there's just nowhere good to go. But this, honestly, is gorgeous. I prefer the earlier part to the smut, but gorgeous. And have I mentioned the pensieve fic love? Draco goes to Snape with a request on his graduation. (NC-17)


Sirius/Remus, James/Lily. Post-Hogwarts era. This is, I think, my favourite depiction of the Marauders-and-Lily dynamic ever :-) James and the boys cheer Lily up after a bad day at work.

     "Wanna watch me and Remus make out?" asked Sirius from the sofa. Remus blinked at him.
     "No," said Lily. "...yes."


Gen. Ficlet. How much do I love Zach as a journalist? I never knew it, but I do. So much. Why is the world not filled with journalist!Zach fics?

'Happiness Involving a Teahouse'

Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. Mild and lazy and dialogue-focused fic. Draco walks into a teahouse.

'Picture This (War is Over)'

Cedric/Harry. Ficlet. Harry kind of fails. Everybody dies. But it's not as bad as all that.

     "So," said Cedric. "Harry."
     "Um," said Harry cleverly.

'Three's Company'

Gen despite Draco's very best efforts. Harry, Draco and Snape with firewhiskey and a grudge. And the distant sound is me laughing in undignified snorts into my tea.

     "War," said Snape. "Death. Destruction. Detention. Very small rocks."

'Upon Reflection'

Gen. Ficlet. My very favourite version of the Sirius Returns plotline.

     Draco glared at him. Sirius glared back. Draco did a squinty eyed death glare. Sirius rolled his eyes.

November Snowflake

'Something Fishy'

Harry/Draco. Heh. I don't know where this story came from, or why it seemed like a good idea, but however it happened I'm so glad. Harry, Draco, and a fish fetish. No, really. (R)



Severus/Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. Threesome smut and just-the-right-amount-of-angst H/D love story together, very cool. Severus plays liaison, in a rather hands-on manner. (NC-17)


Advanced Charms

Harry/Draco. Probably the best first-time fic I've ever come across. Harry has no clue what he's doing, and he embarrasses himself whenever it's possible, and Draco is a lot less cool than he's pretending to be, and they're both sweet and hot and awkward. And Harry tastes like burnt toast. (NC-17)


'Let's Pretend the War Is Over' by Pir8fancier

Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. Draco's not OK. But that's all right. The hallucination of Harry Potter can keep bringing him soup. I usually say that I won't read angst or tragedy. This is actually shorthand for "I won't read ultimately angsty or tragic stories". I love being made to cry by a story, I love seeing things broken; but I need to see them fixed afterwards, or at least, I need to see some promise that they will be fixed. That's what 'Let's Pretend' is. Without any kind of cheap pathos or sentimentality, it broke me, and then put me back together, right along with Draco.

rave and jaida

The Shoebox Project.

I finally read this, and I'm completely in love with it, and with both Remus and Sirius and possibly Lily as well, but I wish I didn't know that it's going to completely break my heart. Which is the problem with Sirius/Remus. Argh. Although funnily enough it was the intro of the Prewitt brothers that really upset me; I knew I was going to get Marauder tragedy eventually, but the idea that I'd have to care about the Prewitts as well was kind of awful.

And the literary dreams! *Dies.*


'Four and a Half Minutes'

Ficlet. Ron/Harry. A landmark of sorts. This is the first time I've rec'd Harry/Ron :-) Understated and awkward and breathcatchingly lovely, really. An accident in potions means Harry has to be touched every twenty minutes.


Ficlet. Ron/Harry. More of the lovely awkward Harry/Ron dynamic. Only with smut. Mwaha. Ron isn't entirely sure it's a good idea. There's also a companion fic from Harry's POV (link at the bottom of the fic), but I prefer this one. (NC-17)


Ficlet. Snape/Harry. Heh. Snape. Um, useful commentary... no, I have none. (NC-17)


'Beloved Pet'

Ficlet. Snape/Harry. I've had this saved in my favourites forever - well, for months. I haven't rec'd it because... I don't know. I think I was afraid it would say a little bit too much about me. Um. So. It's pet!Harry. Which I guess is a kink of mine. It's actually kind of sweet. Sort of. (R)


On the Last Day of Our World

Draco/Harry. Novel. I didn't rec this at first because while I love the first part, the second disappointed me. The boys come out of a detention to find that there's nobody else left in the world. There's a significant time lapse after Chapter 5, and even though the plot is all of a piece, the tone changes a lot. It's still a good story after the change, but it's a different kind of story; and I prefer the beginning part. The spookiness and menace of the empty world and the sense of the boys depending on each other is really marvellously done.

I'm ambivalent about the ending - the actual ending, not just the second part of the fic - for a couple of reasons. But I can't discuss without being all spoilery, so I'll resist. (R)

     "What, Potter!" he yelled. The echo of his voice rebounded off the surrounding buildings and the resulting, "otter, otter, otter" faded so slowly that Draco swore he could still hear it over a minute later. Raising an eyebrow, he turned and loped up the few steps to the door. Shoving Harry out of the way, he closed it firmly behind him. "Okay, I see your point," he said and Harry rolled his eyes.


BDSM: A Love Story

Harry/Draco. WIP; apparently abandoned, since all three chapters seem to have been written pre-OotP. It doesn't really matter so much, though; there's plot, but it's secondary to the smut. Which is fairly gentle, incidentally, despite the title. Harry has to know whether Draco has the Dark Mark. So he breaks into his room to see him undress. Obviously. (NC-17)

     Harry stumbled as Draco released him, and when he took a moment to focus he realized that Draco’s slight dishevelment was almost certainly a result of him undressing. He knew this because Draco was shirtless, and that was pretty much the only reason, as Harry was really unable to move beyond that concept.

'Take It and Like It'

Draco/Harry. Among other things, library smut. Mmm. Harry's having a lot of dreams. It's probably Malfoy's fault. (NC-17)

     "That's a good point, actually." Which wasn't much of a comeback, but - grinding! Yay!


'Lily Evans is a Dyke' (There is currently no link for this; however, the author ought to upload it to her fic community, lightontheblue, at some point, so check there.

Sirius/Remus. Marauder-era. A letter from Sirius and Remus to James. Muchly funny.

Pigs Might Fly

Marauder-era. James/Remus. Which is a pairing I'd never thought about. The funny thing is that the author doesn't really ship J/R either - she's a Padfoot girl in general. But somehow, on her second try at the pairing, she got this dynamic so right that I couldn't believe in anything else. The Marauders as a a group are also brilliant because, honestly, sazlette has them wrapped round her finger. And there's some gratuitous Sirius snoggage because, you know - Sirius. You should all read this. The world obviously needs more James/Remus shippers, and I have a Great and Lofty Confidence that this fic will make them. The problem started with alcohol. (R)

     James would be quite happily talking Quidditch scores with Sirius, and suddenly he'd catch a whiff of Moony's hair or something equally pathetic, and suddenly he'd be dry-mouthed and awkward and desperate to just give Remus a really big hug.



Severus/Remus, Severus/Sirius. Fun and well-written and, honestly, worth reading just for the ending. Severus goes to Sirius for advice. (NC-17)

'View Askew'

Draco/Harry. This is just... kind of cool. Good writing, the kind of good writing that becomes invisible. Or at least, would normally be invisible, if I weren't a writer - particularly the kind of writer who spends a whole whole lot more time thinking about writing than actually writing - and hadn't spent the entire time thinking 'I wish I could do that'. It's not flawless; especially towards the end, there's a lot of tell-rather-than-show, and I felt a bit cheated out of what could have been live-action scenes. But still... cool. (There are also one or two canon mistakes, things like Bellatrix being in the graveyard scene, but they're not important.) Voldemort accidentally forges some kind of connection between Draco and Harry. Draco could honestly have done without Potter's nightmares.

     Now, however, a week later, Draco was back at Hogwarts. Ensconced (hidden) in his bed (cowering behind the curtains) musing on his father’s parting words (mindlessly dwelling on the sentence of doom Lucius held over his head).


'Friendly Favour'

Draco/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. The first SilentAuror fic I read, and still my favourite. It typifies everything that I like about the author's style. Sweet and dirty and fond and real. Plus - you know I'm going to have love for a fic featuring a 23-year old virgin. Draco offers to do Harry a friendly favour. (R)

**New** Soixante-neuf

Harry/Draco. One-shot. Gorgeous angsty smut. Draco wakes up hungover, with no memory of whoever's in the bathroom, running the shower. (NC-17)


'To the Victor'

Harry/Draco/Ron. The first part of this is comic and the second part's smut. I read it a long time ago, and didn't rec it simply because the smut, while fairly lovely and very well written, isn't my kink. I reread it recently, and couldn't believe I hadn't rec'd anyway, because the first half kills me dead. Having seen all of his Horcruxes destroyed, Voldemort begins to send Harry gifts to appease him. One of them's Draco Malfoy. (NC-17)

Sinick and Acid

Two Lockets

Short novel. Harry/Snape. Snarry is kind of my anti-OTP. An OTP, to my mind (and I'm probably not the best judge, given that I never keep one for more than a couple of months, but bear with me) doesn't mean that you like only fics in that pairing, but it means you're more inclined to read them, and more inclined to find the dynamic between the pairing characters convincing. So in the same vein, I don't refuse to read Snarry, and sometimes I absolutely love stories in the pairing - but they have to work harder than other fics. This one I love not for the slash, but almost in spite of it. To be honest I find the past Severus/Regulus more engaging than the present day Snape/Harry.

All that said, this is an amazing story. What makes it is Grimmauld Place itself. It's an entire character, and by far the best. Imagine Disney's Beast's Castle, only gothic and macabre and infinitely more interesting, with carnivorous floor rugs and tragic little candles and the books ... oh yes, the books. There are other things I could say, both for and against, about Harry's characterisation and Ron and Hermione's role and the development of the slash and the plot point on Sirius' father (that one's an against, mostly); but it comes down to the grim old place that keeps its secrets. (R)

     All the light in Grimmauld Place went where Harry went. As soon as he lit the candles and turned away, they hopped down from the mouths of their runespoor-shaped candlesticks, breaking their fall by landing in trampolines of cobwebs, and bouncing from there to the floor. They waddled after Harry in a row like ducklings, short and fluffy and dripping wax all over in their excitement at being alight and having company at last.


Three Months (Twenty Years)

Percy/Harry. Wah! Love. So much love. Seriously, so. much. love. It nearly lost me for one part in the middle, but picked me up again with a lunge and never faltered again. Simply the most wonderful, gorgeous, fun characterisation for Harry and Percy in extremis. And Ron; one of the weirdest results of this fic was how badly it made me want to go read Ron fics. Harry turns up in Percy's bedroom, shaking, hurt and covered in mud. (NC-17)

     There were a pause while Ron looked like he might have swallowed his tongue.
     ".....so," he ventured, fidgeting sheepishly in his dressing-gown, "Lord Thingy's dead."


Good Deeds and Sucker Punches

Novelette. Post-Hogwarts. Millicent/Percy. I know. I know. But it doesn't matter, alright? Millicent is marvellous, I have awe. Best knight in shining armour ever. Millicent is never helping somebody else again.

Silvia Kundera

'Butter and Pigtails'

Draco/Harry. The author's summary goes: In which we have boys crushing and kicking, and it's just so cute I almost can't take it. Which... kind of says it :-)

Deus Ex Machina

Draco/Harry. Unbearably cute. In a good way. The use of epic poetry to defeat your enemies.


'Your Horoscope For Today' and the prequel 'Oh, Just This Once'

Severus/Harry. Post-Hogwarts. Generally, this is a difficult pairing for me, but... total happiness for this fic. A world without coffee is a dark and ghastly place. The prequel, which has slightly more angst (i.e. not very much angst at all) is the Snape-and-Harry-get-together fic, and is also cute, although I prefer 'Horoscope'.

     Harry grinned up at him again. Hmm. No... maybe that cup of coffee wasn't all that sexy after all, not in comparison, now that he could think about it properly.

Thursday St Giles


Harry/Draco. Post-Hogwarts. This is... well, yes, it's weird. But delightful. I love this Malfoy. Malfoy gets mugged, and suddenly he's behaving decidedly oddly.


**New** Ain't No Friend of Mine

Harry/Draco. Novella. The slash is pretty much an afterthought, but Draco's voice in this is funny and brilliant and somewhat heartbreaking, and I love it. Draco is turned into a dog. The world isn't any fonder of stray curs than it is of ex-Death Eaters.


The Crush Trilogy: **Link mended** 'And Now For Something Completely Different', 'Lemon Zingers and Strawberry Jam' and 'Public Displays of Affection'.

Harry/Draco. So this is the thing with zahra. She can't be trusted. She writes the most amazingly lovely fics, and then alongside them are the fuckedupemotion ones that twist your stomach and the war and deathfics that break your heart into little tiny pieces so you can't breath.

This isn't one of those. Harry has a crush.

'Dear Valentine'

Draco/Harry. Ficlet. This should be impossibly, unbearably fluffy. I don't know why it works. Just... aww, niceness. Harry wakes up and there's a tiny pink heart floating around his head.

'The Greenhouse-Birdbath-Kitchen-Sink Drama Network'

Ron/Neville. It's an unusual pairing, but this is one of my favourite fics in the fandom. Ron, Neville, and the Gossip Network.

'Don't Be Shallow'

Theodore/Neville. Part of The Thousandth Man, zahra's Theodore Nott series. Theodore notices Neville. (R)

     As the Beatles were a wizarding band Theodore hadn't bothered to obscure the design or the graphic in any way, and every few seconds a tiny voice would shout 'Paul is dead!' and all four men in the picture would dissolve in fits of laughter and then reappear seconds later.


'When Harry Gets Sick'

Harry/Draco. Sort of. Post-Hogwarts. Perfect comfort reading when you're feeling sick and miserable. (Note, this doesn't actually have a title, but it's the companion to 'When Draco Gets Sick', so I extrapolated.)

... and also this Prisoner of Azkaban parody by Maya which made me giggle loudly enough to wake my housemate. Oh, and this one, too, by Cleolinda Jones.

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[User Picture]From: pionie
2008-03-04 09:10 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for this very comprehensive list of recs! I'm quite new to the HP fandom, so it has been wonderful reading my way through these :)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cest_what
2008-03-04 09:29 am (UTC)
You're welcome! I'm so glad it's been useful.

If you're still after recs, these people have marvellous lists.
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[User Picture]From: lunefin
2008-08-26 07:11 am (UTC)
Just read through all of your summaries, can't wait to read some of the stories! (Am suffering while Maya is not updating) Couldn't help but wonder though, have you ever read opalish? She's got some great post DH crackfics.
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4396574/1/The_Wendell_That_Wasnt is Harry/Ginny but is awesome anyways.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cest_what
2008-08-26 09:08 am (UTC)
I hope you like the fics :-) We're all suffering while Maya is not updating, but I almost don't want her to. Updating means it will all end ...

I haven't read any opalish, no - I haven't read much Harry/Ginny at all. Thanks for the rec :-)
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-10-13 08:51 pm (UTC)
Hey you wouldn't happen to know where to find a Draco/Neville post-war fic were Draco and Neville used to fool around in school but don't anymore until Draco accidently black mails Neville into marrying him and then angst happens and Lucius is an Obusive and Scary and Manipulaive person, would you?

(I don't think it was posted on LJ if that helps?)

I have been ripping my hair out trying to find it, and it doesn't seem to be anywhere anymore :(
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cest_what
2010-10-14 07:27 am (UTC)
Sorry, doesn't ring a bell! Have you scoured the draco/neville tag at delicious?
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